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Roswell Green

Roswell Certified Gold
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Program OverviewEmployee Education
Sustainability EffortsToilet RebateKRB Green Business Pledge
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The City of Roswell recertified as a Green Community at the Gold level in 2013, after first certifying at the Silver level in 2009. Roswell's Build Green Incentive Program provides incentives for community green building, affordable/workforce housing green building, WaterSense, and solar installation in one comprehensive resolution. Incentives are not only permit/fee related, but also seek to help market projects via a signage, website and an awards program. An Energy Star partner, Roswell's Energy Strategy for the Future sets forth the city's fundamental commitment to protect the environment through the continuous improvement of its energy performance. The city estimates that it saves $62,000 annually from the replacement of traffic signals and school zone flashers with LED bulbs. The city has a no net loss of trees policy, and trees that cannot be replaced onsite will be planted on other government property. The Tree Planting Partnership is a public-private partnership to improve tree canopy and density on public lands. It has resulted in the planting of 816 hardwoods and 4,313 other trees, shrubs and flowers. Roswell offers commute options to staff that include a flexible work arrangements policy provides for telecommuting, compressed work week and flex time. Recycling containers government facilities are located at individual desks and in common areas for traditional and non-traditional recycling. Residents of single-family homes have curbside recycling, and multi-family complexes are required to provide recycling. Roswell's zoning ordinance provides incentives for mixed use zoning districts and the Midtown Roswell Overlay District.

Program Overview

The City of Roswell, Georgia
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Vision Statement

"We will take action to improve our Sustainability: providing for the present generation while honoring our past and allowing for the needs of future generations."

Mission Statement

"It is our mission to increase environmental accountability; to teach the principles of sustainable living; and to implement innovative programs that protect the environment, provide economic savings and enhance our quality of life."

Strategic Goals

Roswell sees environmental and economic sustainability as two of the most critical opportunities for our future. Engaging city employees, residents and businesses in sustainable practices now will ensure the availability of resources and enhance the livability and viability of the City for generations to come.

Roswell recognizes the competitive advantages of "going green". We can improve efficiencies and reduce the use of resources in order to produce meaningful savings to taxpayers and a better environment for our residents. Through responsible development and green building practices, Roswell will grow into a healthier and even more desirable place to live and work.

Roswell's green vision is a community where:

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  • Natural resources are preserved and protected
  • Energy and water use are reduced
  • Clean and efficient energy and water technologies are widespread
  • Waste is reduced and recycling is enhanced
  • New buildings are high performance structures
  • Transportation alternatives are available and complete streets are
    the norm with abundant biking and walking opportunities
  • Greenspace is prevalent and connected
  • Green industries and businesses thrive
  • Quality of life is ensured for future generations

Sustainability Efforts

Approved Green Policies

The City of Roswell has established a number of policies in support of our green initiatives. Below are a few of those policies.

Green Incentive and Initiatives

Energy Saving Efforts

Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Green Communities Program

The City of Roswell has been certified gold by the Atlanta Regional Commission Green Communities Program.

Clean Air Campaign Efforts

The City of Roswell is a Clean Air Campaign Government Champion.
  • 2011 PACE Award

High Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures

The City adopted a Georgia Amendment to the 2006 International plumbing Code. This became a minimum mandated code requirement on July 1, 2012. These fixtures reduce the amount of water used.

Green Building Incentives

The City offers these incentives to builders to encourage green building:
  1. Expedited reviews for green building projects
    • Concurrent land development permit and building permit reviews
    • Priority processing
  2. Building Permit fee rebate
    • Under this provision, a project would be eligible for a rebate of the building permit fee of 15% for equivalent to EarthCraft, ENERGY STAR, Water Sense LEED certification. After verification of the designation, the project is issued the applicable rebate.
  3. Marketing
    • Building site signs, designating projects under the program
    • Inclusion on GIS of program for participating projects on the City Webpage
    • Green Building Award, recognizing outstanding commitment to green Building

Green Affordable Housing Incentives

See Green Building Incentives

Outdoor Lighting Efficiency

This ordinance was an adoption of the Fulton County Night Sky Ordinance which ensures that outdoor lighting throughout the community is operated in an efficient manner and exceeds typical lighting ordinances to reduce energy.

Recycling and Waste Reduction — Government Nontraditional Recycling Program

The City of Roswell's Recycling Center has continued its two (2) newest programs since the 2013 certification, waste vegetable oil and latex paint.
  • Waste vegetable oil collection was added in 2009. Vegetable oil collected in FY16 was 1588 gallons.
  • Latex paint collection was added in November 2012. Latex paint collected FY16 was 68.58 gallons.
The City of Roswell collects used printer cartridges within City Hall for recycling. The printer cartridges are picked up bi-weekly and brought to the recycling center for proper disposal.
  • An average of 25 ink cartridges are picked up bi-weekly for a yearly average of 650.
The City of Roswell does recycle electronics (including cell phones). There is a pallet-sized bulk box used for storage and shipping bulk quantities located at the loading dock. It’s made of corrugated fiberboard, either doublewall or triplewall. Once the container is filled, we call the Recycling Center and request a pick up. They remove the full bin and leave an empty one. The attached brochure explains what the Recycling Center accepts for The City of Roswell. They do not accept single-use alkaline batteries but will accept rechargeable batteries. The Recycling Center accepts paint, motor oil, anti-freeze and vegetable oil. If the Recycling Center accepts it, they will pick it up from the City Hall loading dock.

Solar Incentives

See Green Building Incentives

Incentives for WaterSense Homes

See Green Building Incentives or learn more about WaterSense homes here:

Water Use Reduction and Efficiency

Government Rainwater or Reuse Water

The City of Roswell has a total of two (2) rain barrels at the following locations:
  • Adult Recreation Center
    830 Grimes Bridge Road
    Rain Barrel – Collect rain water for re-use
  • Smith Plantation
    935 Alpharetta Street
    Rain Barrel – Collect rain water for re-use

Government Water Audits

The City of Roswell can perform water audits. Staff has performed audits for the Roswell City Hall, Recreation and Parks Department Cultural Arts Building and the Child Development Association building. The audits are done on a request basis as a commercial water audit. The City only conducts water audits on facilities/buildings on the Roswell Water Utility System.

Water audits are only performed by request and the Water Utility Division does not oversee or conduct the recommended changes. This would be under the supervision of the Building Operations Division.

To date, the Water Utility Division is not aware of and does not have a four-year plan to audit remaining City buildings. This would be the responsibility of the Building Operations Division to request a water audit of all City-owned buildings that are serviced by the City of Roswell water system.

City-owned buildings that are on the City of Roswell Water System include:
  1. City Hall
  2. Police Department
  3. Fire Station #1 (Highway 9/Alpharetta Highway)
  4. Smith Plantation (Recreation and Parks facility)
  5. Bulloch Hall (Recreation and Parks facility)
  6. Barrington Hall (Recreation and Parks facility)
  7. 100 Frank Lewis Drive (new Roswell Water Treatment Plant – this is a new facility and water use reduction and efficient facilities were implemented during construction)
  8. 150 Frank Lewis Drive (Recreation and Parks facility)
  9. Cultural Arts Center (Recreation and Parks facility)
  10. Roswell Area Park (Recreation and Parks facility)
  11. Child Development Association Building
  12. Waller Park (Recreation and Parks facility)
  13. 200 Frank Lewis Drive (Aquatic Center – this is a new facility and water use reduction and efficient facilities were implemented during construction)
  14. Adult Recreation Center (Recreation and Parks facility/Adult Recreation Center)

Energy Saving Efforts

The City of Roswell is an Energy Star Partner

Energy Star is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency.

East Roswell Park Gymnasium Skylight Project Report

East Roswell Park Recreation Center Cool Roof Project

The City has two(2) government cool roofs. The first was installed in 2009 at the City of Roswell Water Treatment Plant, 100 Frank Lewis Drive, Roswell, GA 30075 the cost savings is approximately $1450/year. The second roof was installed in 2012 at the East Roswell Park: Gymnasium Roof, 900 Fouts Road Roswell, GA 30075.

Government LED Light Bulb Program

The City replaced lighting in City Hall, the Bill Johnson Activity Building with $800,000 worth of energy saving retrofit lighting.

Renewalable Energy Program (Biofuel & Solar Energy)

The City of Roswell installed four solar powered, LED parking lot fixtures at the Roswell Law Enforcement Center. These lights are powered by solar energy collected by a solar panel mounted within the fixture. The solar energy is stored in four automobile sized, batteries also mounted within the fixture. The stored energy powers the LED lights during darkness and is controlled by logic circuits for the efficient use of stored energy.

A feasibility study has been completed and a pilot project is planned to use biodiesel in the City's fleet vehicles. Waste vegetable oil will be collected and traded and/or converted in-house to biodiesel. Currently Roswell is making arrangements to exchange some of its raw vegetable oil for finished biodiesel with the City of Smyrna. Smyrna has the conversion machinery, but not much raw vegetable oil. The biodiesel Roswell receives will be tested in select City vehicles. Roswell has also been monitoring potential grant money to purchase its own production equipment.

Alternate Fuels (Propane Autogas)

The City has entered into a contract with a vendor for Propane Autogas fueling and conversion for our fleet of light-duty trucks, vans and cars. The first phase of conversion is for ten(10) Ford F-150 Pick-Up trucks. The fueling facility has been approved at the Frank Lewis Drive gasoline island and the contract is for production of the fueling station to be in operation by October 16, 2013.

Greyfield Facilities

The City has remodeled two old homes recently for reuse as City facilities for the public. Arts Center East located at 9100 Fouts Road is a 1960's residential home. After going through an extensive renovation, it is now open to the public, providing cooking classes, painting classes and an art gallery upstairs and clay, wheel and pottery classes being held downstairs.

Don White house located at 925-B Riverside Road was previously a single family home owned by the Threat family. The renovated home will now be used for bike rental, office and meeting space.

Government LED Traffic Lights: Recertification

In 2010, The City of Roswell completed the upgrade of all traffic, pedestrian and school signals to LED lighting. The City also requires that all new signals be equipped with LED bulbs meeting Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and the Department of Energy standards.

The City of Roswell has adopted the GDOT policy special provision section 647 for all Traffic Signal installations which requires traffic signal LED’s. The City operates and maintains 102 traffic signals and 37 school zones which are all LED.

Toilet Rebate Program

ToiletRebate The City of Roswell offers a toilet rebate program, which allows Roswell residential water customers the opportunity to apply for a rebate if they have installed a new, low flow toilet in their residence. Toilet rebates are limited and will be issued on a first come, first serve basis. Limit of two (2) toilet rebates per unit. Please download, complete, and submit the Residential Toilet Rebate Application.

As of January 1, 2015, the City of Roswell offers a Multi-Family Toilet Rebate Program for private Townhome, Condominium and subdivisions.

To qualify for the rebate, Roswell residential water customers should meet the following criteria:

  • Have an individual residential account with the City of Roswell and be up to date on billing payments
  • Own or rent a single-family residential home built in 1993 or earlier (this will be verified)
  • Purchase an approved toilet after January 1, 2015 to replace an older toilet using greater than 1.6 gallons per flush
  • Agree to an installation verification visit to ensure your efficient toilets have been installed
  • Agree to complete a program participation survey
  • As of January 1, 2012, only approved WaterSense certified toilets that use 1.28 gpf or less will qualify

Who is not eligible for the program?

  • Customers who have already received a rebate from a District water utility
  • Customers of utilities who are not participating in the program
  • Customers who own or rent a single-family home built after 1993
  • Customers who purchased a toilet before January 1, 2015
  • Customers who currently have a 1.6 gallons per flush or less toilet
  • Non-residential customers
Resources For more information, contact the Roswell Water Utility Division at 770-641-3707.

Toilet Recycling

Toilets are accepted for recycling in Mableton, Georgia at Patterson Services Inc. Please contact Patterson Services Inc. in advance to confirm availability and requirements.
Patterson Services Inc.
5800 Riverview Road, SE
Mableton, GA 30126

Commercial Pre-Rinse Spray Valve Rebate Program

Spray Valve Rebate Pre-rinse spray valves—often used in commercial and institutional kitchens—are designed to remove food waste from dishes prior to dishwashing. By switching to a WaterSense labeled pre-rinse spray valve, a commercial or institutional kitchen can save more than $115 annually in energy and water costs.

The City of Roswell offers a $50 utility credit to City of Roswell commercial/institutional business water customers that have purchased and installed an eligible WaterSense Pre-Rinse Spray Valve after January 1, 2019. There is a limit of two (2) pre-rinse spray valve rebates per unit. Please download, complete, and submit the Commercial Pre-Rinse Spray Valve Rebate Application.

Note: Fulton County water customers are not eligible for this City of Roswell rebate program.

Resources For more information, contact the Roswell Water Utility Division at 770-641-3707.

Keep Roswell Beautiful Green Business Pledge

Green Business Pledge

This program has ended.

Employee Education

The City of Roswell sees environmental sustainability as one of the most critical opportunities for our future. Not only do we engage our residents and businesses in sustainable practices, but we also work with our employees to ensure the availability of our natural resources for generations to come. Because of this commitment, the City has a number of environmentally friendly policies we encourage our employees to follow.
  • Flex Work Arrangements Policy
    The City of Roswell supports flexible work arrangement for its employees. This includes flexible starting and ending times, a compressed work week, telecommuting, and other beneficial work arrangements.
    Find out more

  • "Green Fleet" Vehicle Policy
    The City has been replacing its fleet with hybrid vehicles to help us meet our sustainability goals of reduced emissions.
    Find out more

  • Lights Out/Power Down Policy
    They City encourages its employees to turnoff all electrical equipment and your office lights when not in use.
    Find out more

  • Green Purchasing Policy
    The City has an environmentally preferred purchasing program to help Roswell improve sustainability efforts to reduce its environmental impact.
    Find out more

  • Use of Non-Bottled Water Policy
    The City has phased out bottled water in its facilities in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic bottles sent to the landfill.
    Find out more